I'm 22, all my friends call me soulja boy or dre. I love girls, rapping, making beats, anime, manga, video-games. anything else write me on twitter @souljaboy and check out my site www.sodmg.com :-)

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SouljaBoy's News

Posted by SouljaBoy - August 27th, 2008

Hey, whats up NG's?

Ok let's get straight to the point. Right now i'm looking for an anime styled artist who can draw and animate full time. I need someone who has an open schedule. I'm in the works of re-creating my website/2nd album/cartoon series. And I need a new look, a new feel, a new theme. Yes the job does pay.

If you are skilled and have the time feel free to contact me at SODMafia@gmail.com with the subject "Soulja Boy Anime

I've attached a sample picture to go off and re-create in your own Anime style or preference.


Help Wanted: Looking for Anime Styled Illustrator & Animator

Posted by SouljaBoy - April 23rd, 2008

SODMG.Com Presents: SODMG Gamers

Are you a Gamer? Do you play Video Games Online with other Gamers? Do you really have skills? Do you think you can take on the best of the best? Do you want to showcase your talent to the world, In Front Of Millions of Viewers?

Well SODMG Gamers is perfect for you. What is SODMG Gamers you ask? We are a group that showcases gamers talent and launch live tournaments for gamers to compete throughout the world. We specialize in making Gaming Challenging, and Rewarding at the same time.

Do you want to make money from something you do for fun? Well SODMG Gamers is what you are looking for. We set up player vs. player matches for Gamers all over the world.

How do Join SODMG Gamers? Simple.

Email: SODMGGamers@Gmail.com with the following information.

-Short Bio(Mention any events you've participated in)

There is a $25.00 Registering Fee.

Payable To:


Mail Cash or Check to:
SODMG Offices
P.O. Box 111
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*If check make out to (S.O.D. Money Gang Entertainment)*

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SODMG Gamers

Posted by SouljaBoy - April 11th, 2008

Soulja Boy Tell 'Em
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SB Info | SODMG.Com

Posted by SouljaBoy - February 26th, 2008


Register, Upload Your Videos, PIctures, Music, ETC.

Make Blog Posts, Invite Other Users, And Rate Content. PERIOD!

Posted by SouljaBoy - February 6th, 2008

If You're an Animator and You want your flash Movies Featured on the front page of SODMG.Com Email Your Video, Name, And Short Description to SBeezyLX@gmail.com!!!!

We're Looking for Good Content For The Homepage Of The Site! Send Your Videos In Quick!

Flash Movies

Posted by SouljaBoy - February 4th, 2008

I want everyone to know my new website www.SODMG.Com has been launched SPREAD THA WORD and Check it out!

-S.Beezy LX

Posted by SouljaBoy - January 28th, 2008

What's Up World? Shiiitttt me? Looking for a web designer for my new site I'm building SODMoneyGang.Com

If You know anyone who does custom css design and can hook me up let me know! ASAP!

You can contact me at souljaboytellem@tmail.com

I'm Building the site through a comany called "Flux". So If you do websites or know someone who can code and design it for me hit me up! PEACE!

S.O.D. Money Gang Mixtape Coming Soon! YAHHHH!!

Posted by SouljaBoy - January 20th, 2008

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Posted by SouljaBoy - December 9th, 2007

Wuz up world? Well i'm in my hotel room in Detroit, MI. I ain't really had time to update my page, I've been super busy. I just want to let everyone know my new Toon/Comic Series "The Life Of S.Beezy" Is releasing 1st quarter of 2008.

I don't feel like typnig the storyline and details so i'll type them later on and copy and paste it lol.

I have another NG's member doing the artwork for the series. He's go by the name of Moosh

I'll have more updates later! If you have any questions/suggestions hit me at souljaboytellem@tmail.com


The Life Of S.Beezy

Posted by SouljaBoy - November 6th, 2007

I'm pretty sure you all have heard of my site Souljaboytellem.com Just know that it is being revamped! Coming "REALLY" soon is alot of new features.

Below Is some of the features that are being added.

- URL's
Ex: Myspace.com/Yournamehere
Ex: Souljaboytellem.com/Yournamehere

- Flash Portal
THATS RIGHT! A Flash Portal with a fresh new Ranking system to show off your talent and creations. Yes there will be contest held for the upcoming projects at Souljaboytellem.com

- Audio Portal(MP3 Uploads)
For all you Musicians out there itching for fame. There will also be the a portal to show that off. It could land you a deal who knows?

- New Message Board
Out with old and in with the Brand New Fresh Coded Discussion Board.

- Suggestions
If you have any ideas PLEASE feel free to leave a comment to this post. Or hit me with an email at souljaboytellem@tmail.com

If you want to help out with the Souljaboytellem.com Project and want to chat it up you can hit me below.

MSN Messenger - sodmoneygang@hotmail.com
AIM Messenger - sodmoneygang

I'm Looking for Animators and Staff Members. So if you interested and you know what your doing Feel free to contact me and reach out.