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Bad Lil' Homiez Coming Soon!

2007-10-21 16:30:39 by SouljaBoy

Bad Lil' Homiez

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Bad Lil' Homiez The Cartoon/Comic Series
Created By: Soulja Boy (DeAndre C. Way)
Illustrated By: Arab (Abrahim M. Mustafa)

Two Kids DeAndre Way and Abrahim Mustafa was born in Chicago IL on the same day in the same hospital. NO RELATION.
On That day a DOCTOR GENIUS MAD SCIENTIST injects the two with an Experiment that he's been working on for YEARS.
To Give Unhuman abilities, But soon as he's complete they catch him! The others call the police at once. And he go's to Jail for 16 Years.
The Boys go seperate ways but while they grow they both REALIZE they are not NORMAL. so then at 16 Years Old. They meet again but
not knowing they were both born at the same hospital and the doctor expermient thingy happened. When they see each other in high school
on the first day of school something feels strange. They both are persueing rap carrers. So they avoid each for quite some time. So this is how they meet.


DeAndre likes a girl in school that happens to be Arab's sister. So there at lunch one day and he's like "man that girl fine" and Arab's like THATS MY SISTER. And then DeAndre
says hook me up! And then Arab says she dont want you! They begin to argue. After school a fight happens where no one see's. They fight
and discover the un natural abilites they have been seeing throughout life. And then they discover there powers. And then they go through life being friends
and fight evil, making music, And just chilling having fun and doing crazy stuff.

Soulja Boy - Steel Powers
Arab - Shadow Powers

Bad Lil' Homiez Coming Soon!